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How to create a Facebook application

May 15, 2022

Posted by: Rahul Upadhyay

How to create a Facebook application

What is Facebook Application?

For over a decade we have been using the Facebook login to our mobile application or web application. To do so we need to register the application over Facebook! Facebook will identify, review and let you use the Facebook SDKs or Graph API to do the Facebook login! There are multiple things we could do with Facebook SDKs, Facebook login is one of them.

How to register the application over Facebook?

Suppose you are the owner of the product/app for which you want to have the Facebook login and/or other features. Suppose your app name is “My Social Media” and you want to allow the end-users to log in with Facebook to access your app. To do so, we need to register the “My Social Media” app to the Facebook Developer Console. 

Let's see how to do it: 

Step 1 – Facebook Developer Account

Please visit this link If you are already a Facebook user then you just need to agree some terms and follow the on-screen instruction to access the Facebook Developer Console.

Step 2 – Add a New App

Click on "Create App" on this screen


You can select different type of the application on this screen. But as we are doing this for the authentication, we will be selecting type, CONSUMER 

Step 3 – Application Details

You have to provide the application details so that when end-user connects with your app through the Facebook login, they can read all these details.

Once you are done adding all your details, please click on “Create App” You will be prompted with a dialogue box, fill up the details and click on Create App ID.

Please mind the App Display Name, as it is going to be displayed on the screen when the end-user login for your app.


Step 4 – Application Dashboard

Once you are done creating the app, you will be redirected to the application dashboard.

  • Manage Roles
    Now, you can manage the app related things like creating packages, and adding RSA/ SHA keys on your own or you can simply add any professional as an Administrator for your app. Just refer to the following screenshot to add Administrator. 
  • Add Testers
    If you would like your friend circle to test the app integration, you can invite them by adding them as a Tester to your app. On the same Roles screen, click on the Add Testers button and add your friends
Step 5 – Basic Information (Optional)

Basic details regarding you and your business are collected by the Facebook authorities to check the business domain and address under GDPR. We recommend you to fill up this information.


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